21 November 2017

1999 Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0 Twin Spark

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Why We Like It

A clean, unspoiled example of the front-drive 1990s GTV, this example is claimed to have a full service history from the first day of its life. The most recent work, 600 miles ago, was with an Alfa specialist included a cam-belt change. It’s covered 69,500 miles – modest, given its 18 years – this apparently confirmed by a DVLA MoT history check. It also has two keys and owners’ pack.

Prices of these Alfas are now rising, although the four cylinders remain relatively inexpensive and we expect this one to sell for well under £4000. This one certainly isn’t mint, but that should make it cheaper, the low mileage and extensive service history making it a good candidate for improvements.

What is it?

The long-awaited replacement of Alfa Romeo’s 1966 Spider and 1975 GTV finally arrived in 1993 with the convertible, the GTV coupe appearing a year later. Both shared the same basic structure and mechanicals derived from the Fiat Tipo hatchback, although there were substantial differences including Twin Spark Alfa Romeo designed engines and upgraded suspension featuring a bespoke multilink rear axle (that reduced boot space) for these models, known internally as the 916 series. Top-of-the-range 3.0 and 3.2 V6s with six-speed gearboxes were also available.


Shiny, but small dings

Clean alloys and a reasonable sheen to this GTV’s blue scurro paint suggest reasonable condition, although there are a couple of dings in the offside corners of both the bonnet and the bumper. Both these panels are composites. The grille indicates


Side view

The paintwork of this example appears to be in good shape, but it would be wise to find out more because the Brera is prone to paint chipping, though more so in red. Some cars have been repainted under warranty, this coating reckoned to more durable than the factory’s. Vulnerable areas include the front bumper, the ‘A’ pillars and around the rear wheelarches. Later cars had stoneguards on the forward part of the rear wheel aperture, but this example’s black paint makes it very hard to tell whether they’re present.

Check that there’s still some meat on the tyres, wear potentially quite heavy, although the revised suspension geometry of the Prodrive version is said to reduce it. A test drive should indicate any of the front suspension knocks that these cars are prone to. That said, this car’s full service history may have dealt with these, and this car’s low mileage will help, upper wishbone knock not usually appearing until 80-100,000 miles. The rear lower hub bush also wears, causing uneven rear tyre wear.


Interior shot

The interior of this Brera looks to be in very good condition. Wear on the driver’s seat looks modest where it can be seen, although the wear prone offside side bolsters are not visible. The leather steering wheel rim is only mildly shiny, in keeping with the mileage, although the driver’s overmat looks a bit grubby. The Prodrive specification includes red contrast stitching to the black leather, incidentally.

On-board equipment includes iPod and iPhone connectivity, says the owner, which can be operated via the multi-function wheel.

Front Seats

The lack of cracking and fade on these seats is impressive, and suggests that this car has probably spent a lot of its life in the dark. Drivers used to modern cars will find these seats surprisingly small, but surprisingly comfortable too.

Rear seats

The back seat looks minimally worn – further evidence of the low mileage – although the unexpectedly cramped rear quarters in a Brera are another reason. This image clearly shows the leather’s red stitching.

Rear view

A fine view among the many pleasing angles on a Brera. There should be no issues here. The owner says that the exhaust system is stainless steel, and tuned by Prodrive. Also visible are rear parking sensors – very necessary on this car, which does not have the best rearward visibility.

Vehicle Vitals

Years made:


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Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0










138 lbs ft





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