Tyrekicking grew from the guilty pleasure of trawling through online auctions and classified ads in search of intriguing cars. Cars that are worth showcasing, we reckon. These machines are mostly classics, but more recent models will also make it if they’re the type aimed at enthusiasts like us. Tyrekicking’s keen-eyed sift of the classifieds will bring you a newsletter featuring the best of them, twice a week on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

There may be thousands of auction and classified car ads out there, but far fewer that stand the scrutiny of a knowledgeable eye. Our newsletter will save you the trouble of scrolling through dozens of fanciful projects, alleged barn-finds and cars priced by optimists. We look for cars that are well-kept, original, often low mileage, straight, unmolested and come with plenty of history. Cars with good bones, if you like, and the sort of cars we’d like to own.

Our tastes are eclectic, ranging from popular sports cars and exotics to once-common, near-forgotten machines from childhood to low mileage survivors. What binds them together is that they’re unspoiled and largely original.

Not all the cars we feature will run – some are projects, but projects with promise. And we also keep an eye out for cars that might not be classics yet, but will be in a few years time. Buy now, while there’s a choice and they’re affordable, is our thinking.

We’ll also pick out the occasional car from a salvage yard. Not all of them are official write-offs, and even those with minor damage can make a cheap way to experience an otherwise unaffordable car.

Tyrekicking’s staff are enthusiasts themselves – hence their insatiable urge to eye classifieds – and have learnt plenty, sometimes the hard way, about buying and owning old cars. 

Tyrekicking is very much about sharing comments and knowledge to build a community of like-minded enthusiasts. Every car featured offers the chance to add to the discussion. We have a few rules about this, which you can find here (link).

Tyrekicking Disclaimer: No guarantees, claims, or warranties are implied by www.tyrekicking.com for items advertised on this site or any site referred to from this site. Pricing, availability, and circumstances pertaining to advertised materials are the sole liability of the individual seller. www.tyrekicking.com claims no accuracy to advertisements made herein.

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