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21 November 2017

1999 Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0 Twin Spark

s l1600

Why We Like It

A clean, unspoiled example of the front-drive 1990s GTV, this example is claimed to have a full service history from the first day of its life. The most recent work, 600 miles ago, was with an Alfa specialist included a cam-belt change. It's covered 69,500 miles.

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17 May 2016

2008 Alfa Romeo Brera 2.2 S

alfa romeo brera jts s S2353382 5

Why We Like It

This is a low mileage example of the Brera S, a model co-developed by British rally and performance car specialists Prodrive and Alfa Romeo only for the UK market. That makes this example a relatively uncommon example of an already rare coupe. Besides being low mileage it's also said to be in excellent condition, to have a full stamped service history, and an MoT out to August 2017.

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27 April 2016

1974 Fiat 127 Deluxe


Why We Like It

If you want 'what's that?' rarity, you should be tempted by what was once one of Europe's biggest-sellers. The trail-blazing 127 was a mild riot to drive and practical with it. This apparently exceptional, rust-free Fiat (shock) survivor appears to need little and has wonderful orange upholstery to up the nostalgia.

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